The future of food begins with you

Benson Hill is working to transform the food system from the ground up and we want to partner with you to achieve a more sustainable future. We are committed to creating more nutritious food and feed options, such as our Ultra High Protein ("UHP") soybeans and Veri™ brand cooking oil, that meet the changing needs of today's consumer. Together, we can fuel the next generation of healthier, more sustainable food and feed.

Like you

Our commitment to a better tomorrow is why we partner with top-notch farmers like you to thoughtfully produce protein-dense food and ingredient options, keeping sustainability always in mind.

See how Benson Hill is revolutionizing the food system by working with farmers like you.

Get an inside look at the results of 2021's harvest.

Let's grow

With Benson Hill you can get better premiums, benefit from personalized support, and play a role in making our food better. And our nutrient-dense, non-GMO soybean varieties are in-demand, so you know you're making a greater impact from seed to table.


Want to know more about our soybean varieties?

*2 UHP products 20% over CBOT. Subject to availability. Some conditions and restrictions apply. See our Specialty Soybean Production Agreement for full details.
  • Price using January 2023 CBOT. Price up to 45 bushels per acre before harvest.
  • Base Premium 15% over CBOT (*2 UHP products 20% over CBOT).
  • Protein Premium, for H/UHP varieties, $.10 per % protein over 45% (no cap, and no penalty < 45%).
  • For bushels stored after January 2023, storage on farm buyer’s call contract paid at $.06 per bushel per month.
  • Farmer is responsible for the first 45 miles of crop delivery, Benson Hill is responsible for the remainder. FOB farm options available.
  • Planting seed and seed treatment at no charge.
  • Full-Take/Act-of-God contract.