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Benson Hill® High Protein, non-GMO soybeans are not only a key ingredient in transforming our food system, but they also have the potential to transform your business.

Beginning Fall of 2023 Growers that value independence in their decision-making and want more diversity for their farm revenues can now purchase seeds from Benson Hill directly.

Higher protein composition, competitive yields, and growing maturities from 2.3 to 4.4 create more choices for soybean growers to participate in non-GMO market programs and premiums at their discretion.

Creating more value for soybean growers in the food system starts with access to better beans from Benson Hill.

Learn more about available seed varieties for the 2024 Crop Year.

Be Part of Food System Innovation.

Benson Hill High Protein Non-GMO soybeans not only have the potential to transform your business, they are a key ingredient in transforming our food system.

Using CropOS® technology, we can unlock the genetic diversity of plants in ways that increase key attributes like protein and high oleic oil while still maintaining healthy yields.

Because these soybeans are higher in protein right out of the ground, they can eliminate energy intensive ingredient and food processing steps, saving water and reducing CO2e.

see how growing benson hill technology can revolutionize the food system

Farmer Experiences Harvesting Benson Hill Seeds

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2024 Non-GMO Direct Seed Opportunities

  • Non-GMO seed varieties are available both treated or untreated for direct sale.

  • One seed treatment is available for most varieties: CruiserMaxx® APX with a full rate of Saltro®.

  • Take advantage of early cash discounts and secondary volume discounts.